Back Bar Hire

Back bar counters are available in a range of various colours snd sizes, often people decide to hire a bar without the back. To me this seems to look incomplete and does not add the finishing touch to the bar counter. With bar counters available on the market for events, we feels that a back bar is a MUST for events of any size. Through the years we have been to wedding receptions and even some corporate events where the event planner uses a table with a cloth as the bar – how unprofessional is that?

Mirrored Back Bar Hire

Mirrored Back Bar Hire

Searching through various companies and looking to see whats available within the events market, we have come across a Mobile Bar Hire Company who seem to have the answer to most of our concerns. They hire back bar counters to match their front bars from as little at £70 per section. If you are saving money on buying your own drink, perhaps you should look into investing the savings into hiring a front and back bar counter from a reputable bar hire company?

This image shows a 2 meter section of their back bar counter which is a great display and storage area for the bar staff. In addition to this the company offer a range of LED bars and also plain bar counters which are great attractions to an event.


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