Backlit Bar Hire

Corporate event bar hireA new range of personalised backlit bars has become available on the market this week. South East England based, Mobile Bar Hire Ltd have launched their latest range of backlit mobile bar units. These bars are available to hire with and without drinks for a vast range of different events up and down the country. Mobile Bar Hire can offer these back lit bars for private and corporate clients where the choice of designs is unlimited. Some corporate clients of theirs have asked for their logo’s to be on the backlit panel whilst for weddings, clients have asked for their names to be added to the face of the bar front.

Mobile Bar Hire has been committed to providing an outstanding service to its clients within the hospitality sector. A spokesman for Mobile Bar Hire said “This is just the beginning of our new range of portable and outside bar units available for hire”. More information and images of this style of modern bar counter are available from Mobile Bar Hire Ltd.


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