Buy a Keg of Pimms

Draught Pimms is available for people to buy, Here at cheap bar hire, we are pleased to offer Pimms kegs at a price of £230 + vat, this price means that you can have a large keg of Pimms of your own.

Pimms for sale on Draught

Pimms for sale on Draught

If you own a pub, restaurant, hotel or are a wedding co-ordinator, contact cheap bar hire for further information on having your keg of Pimms delivered. Each keg holds approx 88 pints and the drink is already pre mixed for the ideal serve. All you need to do for your wedding reception, outdoor event or party, is add the fruit and off you go. Pimms is a great drinks and is always a hit in the summer months.

Rather than buying bottles and bottles of Pimms and Lemonade and then having the hastle to mix and chill the drink, on draught its so much easier. Every serving is the ideal mix and nice and cold just as it should be. We are sure that over the summer months, certain firms serving Pimms on draught must have gone through many, many kegs of the summer’s number one seller.

Contact Cheap Bar Hire for further information on buying a keg of Pimms.


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