Cash Bar Hire and Pay Bar Hire

Why not try hiring a cash bar. There are so many possible advantages when planning any event such as a wedding, birthday party, prom bar hire or any other celebration as with so much other expenses the cost of the bar and event can sometimes be very overpowering. This is why it is easier to let people pay for their own drinks and therefore the price of the event would not be as expensive. When there is a cash bar at a private, corporate and public event people tend to drink more responsively because they have to pay themselves. Over the years people have been using cash bars at some of the most popular events nationwide. These events include weddings, birthday parties, festivals, proms, promotions, exhibitions, anniversary parties and lots more private and corporate events. Often the price of these drinks are very reasonable because most Mobile Bar Companies have  touch screen till systems which are smart, professional, precise and very quick. The event planners will not have to pay as much with the cash bars because the bar itself does not cost as much as it would with a free bar. Also with a cash bar there will not be many employees working behind the bar because the till system is very easy and quick to use and therefore not many people are needed to work. Local company, Mobile Bar Hire Ltd, used this cash bar or pay bar system at many events throughout 2009/2010, one of their most recent large events was the Dartford Festival 2010. This event was attended by approx 60,000 people of the two days.  For further information on cash bar hire and pay bar hire for events, please feel free to contact a reputable provide of Outside Bar Hire for events.



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  1. event planners are really great people, they can do some great planning on a hectic schedule .

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