Cheap Glass Hire Kent and London

We have some great news for our customers, we are pleased to be able to offer you great deals and fantastic news on our latest edition to Cheap Bar Hire. We can now offer you Cheap Glass Hire, this range of glassware includes Pint Glass Hire, Wine Glass Hire, Champagne Glass Hire and Tumbler Hire. We’d like to offer you special deals like the possibility of ‘FREE’ delivery (subject to area etc).

These are the current products we are pleased to offer you as part of you party or wedding bar hire planning. With Christmas and New year 2009 only days away, now is a great time to hire glasses for your event.

  • Champagne Flute Hire -            25p per glass
  • Wine Glass Hire -                         25p per glass
  • Shot Glass Hire -                          25p per glass
  • Sherry Glass Hire -                     25p per glass
  • Tumbler Glass Hire -                 25p per glass
  • Slim Jim Glass Hire -                 25p per glass
  • Pint Glass Glass Hire -               25p per glass
  • ½ Pint Glass Hire -                    25p per glass
  • Glass Jug Hire -                          £2 per Jug

If there are any breakages then the replacment glasses would cost you £1.50 + vat to replace. (All prices are plus vat and deposits shall be required). The Glass jugs would be £5 to replace. Don’t forget to ask about the possibility of our FREE delivery for certain areas, this could be a great Christmas present !



3 Responses to “Cheap Glass Hire Kent and London”
  1. manraj says:

    fabouls website.

  2. Floor Lamp : says:

    Corning made wine glasses seem to be the best! they are tough and have great designs _

  3. Liver Spot says:

    Useful information and wonderful design you got here! I would like to thank you for sharing your ideas and putting the time into the articles you publish! Nice work!

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