Controlling Binge Drinking

We were having a chat in the office about binge drinking and how it seems to have escalated over the past couple of years and more so how it can be controlled.

The most popular idea was why do people need to bring their own drinks to private parties?

We come up with the conclusion that because most local authority owned venues are without bars and as a result people have to bring their own. More importantly, there is no policing or control on these venues, no licenses are applied for and so no local authority or local law enforcement are aware of the event and its possible outcome.

On the other hand, if there was a reputable company in charge of such venues and the running of events and bars, perhaps this could be overcome ! Having a professional company in to arrange your drinks and hospitality package for your event must be a much more stress free way of providing drinks for your event.

Rather than spending hundreds or even thousands of pounds on free drinks for your guests, you could probably spend less money by letting a company deal with this. In addition you’d have the piece of mind of knowing that the drinks are being monitored rather than a help yourself service.

As a result of some people not knowing their drink limits, sometimes people can get out of control, it’s a good idea to be one step ahead and encourage sensible drinking


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