Cocktail Bar Hire London

If you are a fan of cocktails – and let’s face it, who doesn’t love a drink which is both gorgeous and delicious – then you will know that there are just never enough opportunities to enjoy your favourite mixed and elaborately displayed pretty drink. Well instead of planning a traditional Christmas party this year with just eggnog and brandy on the menu, plan a Christmas cocktail party and hire a caveat professional bar staff to do all the hard work.


After all, let’s face it, cocktail parties are often few and far between because the sheer logistics of stocking your liquor cabinet with all of the spirits, mixers and garnishes you need to meet the cocktail tastes of all of your friends is just frightening – not to mention expensive. Therefore, to make sure you really do enjoy your Christmas cocktail party, rather than just ending up covered in lime juice and having only managed one complete cosmo, organise to hire a cocktail bar from Mobile Bar Hire.


When you hire our cocktail bars you will think all of your Christmases have come at once. Our mobile bars come fully stocked with all the alcohol, mixers and pretty decorations for all of your favourite cocktails, not to mention our bars are also complete with professional staff who can shake, stir and present the best cocktails you’ve ever tasted. Christmas is a great time to go a little over the top, as you’re splurging at the shops, hopping from party, to pub to work function that an extraneous Christmas cocktail party will be the perfect way to make sure you get what you want this year, and that your party is one of the memorable ones. Who knows, a Christmas cocktail party may even become an annual tradition with bar hire making it ever so easy to enjoy.


For more information about organising for Christmas cocktail bar hire, contact Mobile Bar Hire now.


Cocktail Bar Hire

Alcohol can be drank and presented in many different ways.  Cocktails are very, very popular and can often easily be made. With a vast range of cocktail recipes available its often easy to add variety to your bar.

The pricing of cocktails is normally slightly more than you straight forward spirit and mixer, this is due to the amount of extra work involved in preparing the drink.

At present some of the popular alcoholic cocktails are :- Mojito, Cosmopolitan, Apple Martini, Tequila Sunrise  are just to name a few. The non alcoholic’s are :- Fruit Fusion, Strawberry Sunshine and many other combinations.  For larger numbers of people we would suggest preparing jugs of cocktails, this just ensures that people do not have to miss out on the event whilst waiting for their drink (this is more much larger numbers of people).

Complete with all the correct fruit’s and garnishes, our Cocktails look superb at any event and of any size.

Cocktail bar hire is not as expensive as people think, we can offer you just a purely cocktail bar, or its also possible to add this onto your normal bar, as an extra perhaps!

We believe that with the right venue, the right bar hire, the right mix of drinks your event shall be a great success.

All of these drinks above are just some of the cocktails we have had at our bars during this year. In addition to these we are often designing and naming personalised drinks for the event or its organiser or even for the bride and groom themselves.

Not sure on what drinks to offer ?  Contact our team for advice and information on the latest drinks etc.


What are cocktail flairers ?

Cocktail Bar Hire LondonOne word answer ………….Entertainers ! This is a term given to a skilled person who can entertain whilst making and pouring your drink (s). A cocktail flairer would throw bottle’s into the air and catch them in certain ways to make your drink look as much fun as possible. These bottles would all have drink in them and so as he catches them he or she would continue making your drink, sometimes this can often mean more that one bottle in the air at any one tme.

Once all the ingredients for the drink are in the glass or cocktail shaker, he’d shake add the garnishing’s to complete the drink. On some occasions cocktail flairers have been known to set the drinks alight with a flame etc, this is done to simply make the drink look a whole lot more interesting, fun and special.

Most cocktail flairers have their own personal way of finishing off and presenting their drinks. These often include some of the above but they have been known to present their drinks I some extremely unique ways.

These methods of drinks by cocktail flairers can easily be applied to both alcoholic and non alcoholic cocktails, it’s the same presentation and preparation methods but just different drinks.

Cocktails flairers can be used for almost any type of event including , corporate events, wedding receptions, product launches, birthday parties etc.

We have a good selection of cocktail flairers who are each skilled in their own way and always give 100% to each event which they attend.

For information and pricing of our Cocktail Bar Hire Flairers, simply contact our team at Mobile Bar Hire, they’ll be more than happy to help you with your request and also with your style of bar counter etc.