Controlling Binge Drinking

We were having a chat in the office about binge drinking and how it seems to have escalated over the past couple of years and more so how it can be controlled.

The most popular idea was why do people need to bring their own drinks to private parties?

We come up with the conclusion that because most local authority owned venues are without bars and as a result people have to bring their own. More importantly, there is no policing or control on these venues, no licenses are applied for and so no local authority or local law enforcement are aware of the event and its possible outcome.

On the other hand, if there was a reputable company in charge of such venues and the running of events and bars, perhaps this could be overcome ! Having a professional company in to arrange your drinks and hospitality package for your event must be a much more stress free way of providing drinks for your event.

Rather than spending hundreds or even thousands of pounds on free drinks for your guests, you could probably spend less money by letting a company deal with this. In addition you’d have the piece of mind of knowing that the drinks are being monitored rather than a help yourself service.

As a result of some people not knowing their drink limits, sometimes people can get out of control, it’s a good idea to be one step ahead and encourage sensible drinking


Advice on Office Party Bar Hire

Office Christmas parties can be a tentative balance of the desire to let loose and celebrate the end of the year, and the knowledge that you still need your fellow guests to see you in a professional light after the new year. This careful balancing act can often lead to people either skipping their office Christmas party, or simply an awkward atmosphere on the night while some try and remain demure, while rolling their eyes at those who can’t.


Well, if you are in charge of organising the Christmas party at your office this year, don’t worry because while you can’t stop those embarrassing scenes all together, you can help create a relaxing atmosphere where your colleagues feel free to get to know each other socially, while also celebrating the festive season.

Christmas Cocktail Bar Hire

Christmas Cocktail Bar Hire
All you have to do is organise for mobile bar hire at your office Christmas party and you don’t have to worry whether you’ve put your faith in the right person to responsibly serve the drinks, and you can also rest assured that you won’t run out of champagne before the toast, and there’ll be enough mixer for the boos’ favourite cocktail. This is because at Mobile Bar Hire we have seen it all when it comes to party disasters and that means we can see if your office party is heading off the rails before you may notice, and we can take steps to manage that.


For example, we will make sure we have ample and correct quantities of all the alcohol and mixe

rs we need for the night to make sure that all of your colleagues can enjoy their favourite drinks no matter what they are. We also st

aff our mobile bars with professional and highly trained bar staff who are experienced in the rules for the responsible service of alcohol, and can ensure that no one gets too full of the Christmas spirit. At the same time we can offer a range of non-alcoholic alternatives to serve from the car at your office Christmas party, so that you can all make the responsible choices yourselves, without feeling like you’re missing out.


For more information and tips on avoiding an awkward office Christmas party this year, contact Cheap Bar Hire now.


Christmas Bar Hire and Decorations

Christmas decorations are one of the most exciting parts of the festive season. Once the fairy lights come out and the Christmas tree goes up, everyone knows it’s not long before the big man himself arrives.

Therefore, if you are planning to throw or host a Christmas party this year, then you want to make sure your decorations convey that same anticipation and excitement, and we have just the thing. At Mobile Bar Hire we do much more than just roll out a drinks service and fill a few champagne flutes. Instead we can take care of every aspect of your Christmas party from your party food and drinks, to your entertainment and decorations.

For example, we will work to coordinate a fully personalised package of services for your Christmas party, making sure that the mobile bar you have chosen to serve your guests suits the theme of your home or venue. We can even incorporate an ice sculpture to fit the theme of the bar, or to greet your guests as they arrive. The lighting which features in your mobile bar can also be enhanced by Christmas decoration lighting around the rest of your party venue so ensure a cohesive and festive appearance, no matter where your guests are during the celebrations.BackLit Bar Hire

The Christmas decorations you choose could be as simple as some additional lighting to tie areas of your venue together visually, or as intricate as themed Christmas wreaths, holly, snowmen and not to forget the all important mistletoe! As well as organising for Christmas decorations to suit you and your celebration, we will also take care of hanging and displaying all of your choices so that you can be sure they are secure during the party, and you don’t have to worry about climbing a ladder to hang holly, when you’d rather be choosing the right pair of shoes. And just as we hang all the Christmas decorations for you, we can also be the ones who climb back up the ladder to retrieve the decorations.

For more information about how Christmas decorations can add to the fun and festivity of your Christmas party this year, contact Cheap Bar Hire now.


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