New powers to crack down on underage drinking

Today new powers have been given to Police in a crack down on ‘Binge’ drinking and underage drinking.  The change in the power come in for today in England and Wales, as a result police can disperse groups of approx 10 youngsters if they are considered to be causing a nuisance. This is known as the ’direction to leave’  order, this can be enforced upon children as young as 10 year old.

 In addition to this if youngsters are seen in possession of alcohol, police have the power to confiscate the drink immediately. Police no longer have to ask, who it is for etc, if someone underage is possessing alcohol the police can simply take it away without asking any questions.

For publicans and license holders, the police can have their license taken away if they are seen to be selling alcohol to the underage . According to this new law, if licensees are seen to be repeatedly selling to the underage, its far easier for the police to have their license taken away.

I am sure you’ll agree this is a vital addition to the licensing law which has always been a concern for every license holder in th UK.

Do you think its good or bad?

Will it make a difference to trade?

Personally, here at Cheap Bar Hire, we thinks its great because the government are finally tidying up the UK licensing law.

Let us know what you think !

New underage drinking laws