Do I Need A Mobile Bar for our Exhibition?

The answer to the above question is yes. This is because we can we provide a bar of any size that suits your need and it is still mobile. We have a wide variety of bar counter designs that you can choose from or we can personalise a bar counter to show your company logo on it.


Having our bar in your stand is a great way to attract potential clients, because you are giving away a free alcoholic /non-alcoholic beverage as you are selling your product or service to them. Giving something away for free is what people will recognise and make them want to come into your stand for information on what you do.


Corporate bar hire at its best

Corporate bar hire at its best

To stand out from the rest you have to be the best. Having a mobile bar will certainly make you stand out, as it is different from what all of your other competitors are providing. A way to be noticed is to be different and what better way is there but to have a bar that has your company logo illuminated on it and offers free beverages to your clients.


When supplying an alcoholic beverage like beer at an exhibition, it is best to have it on draught. With the smallest of our mobile bars we can have all the workings of a draught beer underneath the bar counter out of the way and the pouring tap on the top. Having beer on draught on your stand will make it look unique, rather than having bottled products being served.


To make your exhibition stand a memorable one and stand out even further, why not have a cocktail flarer making drinks for your clients. Our cocktail flarer can make a wide variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. We can also personalise a cocktail and have it named after the name of your company.

We have been given news by one of the UK’s leading hospitality companies about an event which they participated in. Kent based, Mobile Bar Hire Ltd too place in the Limo & Chauffer exhibition at Birmingham’s NEC, they were booked by Limo Broker who won an award for best stand at the event. The award was won for having a simple stand with a difference – the difference was draught beer for Limo Brokers clients. Their stand was amongst the busiest throughout the event and hence the award.


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