Government trys alcohol in plastic glassware

Over 300 people weekly are injured or killed due to fights in a pub or bar. Drinking glasses are one of the most used weapons within drunken arguments besides knives. Doctors have complained and are hoping to get glasses to be banned so that hopefully if a fight in a bar takes place customers will leave with only a few bruises and not a in a life threatening condition.

It is a lot easier to put a stop to glasses being used as a weapon rather than putting a stop to using knives which will definitely be proved a difficult feat. Since polycarbonate glasses has been introduced in some places there has been seen a definite improvement within people admitted into hospitals. It has been estimated that the NHS has been saved £7.2 million in surgery costs.

Polycarbonate Glassware for drinks

Polycarbonate Glassware for drinks


However, not everyone will agree with putting a ban on glasses. Younger people may have no objection to using plastic but the older generation may think it childish to drink from a plastic cup.

What do you think?

Please give us your thoughts on if you’d like to have drinks served out of plastic bottles/glasses.


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