How to cope with a hangover

A hangover is the feeling felt in the morning after the before, if someone has been drinking. Someone can have the feeling of a bad headache, sickness, dizziness and dehydration. A hangover can leave a person struggle with concentration, not particularly good if you have work the next morning.

 A toxic chemical called ethanol, which is in the alcoholic drinks works in the body, which causes headache, dry mouth and nausea. Downing dark drinks tend to affect the hangover as well as mixing drinks. To make sure you do not get a hangover the next day, it is advised that you stick within the Government’s recommended limits. Also drinking plenty of water between alcoholic drinks can reduce the impact of the hangover. It is not good to drink on an empty stomach, always try to eat something which has carbohydrates; this will help the body to not absorb too much alcohol. At Cheap Bar Hire we make sure we bring a range of soft and alcoholic drinks, as well as water, so our customers can pace themselves and try to drink the correct amount to help reduce the risk of having a hangover.


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