Ice Vodka Luge Hire

You may be wondering what is a ice vodka luge. It’s an ice sculpture which is carved in way to run drinks trough and to be served ice cold.

If you are organising a wedding or a party or just launching a branded drink you could consider having a Vodka luge at your event. Makes a great change from just a normal ice sculpture. The vodka luge will be a talking point of the party and you will find every one gathered around it to see what all the excitement is about.

It maybe called a vodka luge but it does not mean its only vodka that gets poured in you can pour any drink like Bacardi fruit juices or any other type of drink that you want served at your party.

Vodka luge can be crafted in any size and theme. If you have themed party i.e 007 the luge will be carved into 007. Whatever the occasion we at Mobile bar are sure that we can produce the perfect ice luge for you to fit in with your theme whether its in the summer or Christmas or new years ice age theme.

The luge comes with its own tray which is specially designed to ensure that all the water frome the luge is collected so that you don’t have to be worried about having a puddle at your event.

 Why not contact a member of Mobile Bar Hire for more details on vodka luge or ice bars.

James Bond Ice Luge

James Bond Ice Luge



One Response to “Ice Vodka Luge Hire”
  1. claire speller says:

    PLease can you supply a quote for a vodka luge for the 18th Sept 2010 with delivery to chelmsford set up and a light. party start time is 7.30pm

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