Jello Shots

You maybe wondering what these shots are. Well they are what the title says they are. Shots made with jelly but have alcohol in them. This combination is lot more interesting and tasty then just downing a shot of alcohol.

Jello Shots are fun for indoor and outdoor events

Jello Shots are fun for indoor and outdoor events

Please see below on how to make these shots. Have fun when making them. They go down a treat at parties.

16 ounces (2cups) boiling water

6 oz of packet of jelly

6 oz (180 ml) cold water

10 oz of chilled alcohol of your choice.

You may need to adjust proportions of alcohol to cold water depending on proof of your alcohol.

20% proof of alcohol 13oz to 3 oz of cold water

45% proof of alcohol 10oz to 6 oz of water

Please make sure that you chill your alcohol in the fridge not freezer at least an hour before making your shots.

What to do next.

Bring your water to boil once it starts to boil take it of the heat. Stir the powdered jelly with the boiled water and stir until the jelly crystels are compleately dissolved.

Now mix the above with cold water and alcohol. 

Now we are just hours away from the exciting part of getting them  ready to drink.

Get plastic/paper cups and spray them lightly with cooking oil nothing with strong flavor this just helps jelly shots to slide out easily when using.

Pour mixture into plastic glasses if you don’t have a budget then by the plastic squeezable cups that manufactured just for this purpouse. These cups make it easier for the shots to shoot into our mouth when they are squeezed. Once the jelly mixture is poured into the cups put a lid on them and turn them upside down in the fridge on a tray. Chill until they are ready to consume. Enjoy.

Just so you are aware these shots are often used at outside bar hire events, these events could range from music festivals to large carnivals etc.

Let us know of other ways of enjoying jello shots we welcome all feed back.


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