Johnnie Walker Black Label Celebrates 100 Years

How are they marking this celebration?

Johnnie Walker presentation bottle marking 100 years

100 Year presentation bottle of Johnnie Walker

They are highlighting their 100 year celebration by launching of
the Johnnie Walker Black Label Centenary Limited Edition.

This commemorative pack consists of a sleek, black glass bottle displaying

The striding man in real gold with the 100 years Limited Edition engraved on it. The historic Black Label name on the label is embellished with real gold and textured ink, as is the golden figure of the striding man.

If you are holding a function and require Johnnie Walker we could get this Limited Edition bottle for you. With your name and date of your event embellished in gold. 

All you have to do is buy 10 cases of Johnnie Walker and you get the Limited Edition bottle free. You may wonder what you are going to do with 10 cases but remember if you are having a big party and considering buying a whisky

It is worth your while buying Johnnie Walker instead of another one.

What’s the best of drinking Whisky?

I know that everyone has different ways of drinking it, it may be coke, ginger ale or maybe you have another way of drinking it and you may want to share this with us (please do).

I have been doing loads of reading and come up with the best and the old fashioned way to drink

When you start to drink your (single malt) whisky you must remember to mix exactly the same amount of pure water (not tap water) it has to bottled if possible Scottish. Apparently by doing this it releases whisky’s full flavor.

Four rules that you should follow for that perfect experience of drinking whisky.

Smell.  This is when you stick your nose over the glass and really take deep sniff of what you are about to drink. This should prepare your senses and make them sing.

The Appearance. This is known as the The Body of the whisky. How does it look does it have that amber or dark honey colour and have no inconsistencies. By now your mouth should be watering and already you are appreciating what you are about to drink.

The Taste By now you are desperate to take the next step and that is your whisky onto your palate. You may now take a mouthful and move it around for full 30 seconds. The reason for this is to cover all the inside of your mouth surface with the taste. (please do not make orgasmic sounds)

The Finale You may swallow and let the warmth it slide down your throat and appreciate the full flavor of the whisky.

Companies such as Mobile Bar Hire Ltd are proud user of the fine range of whiskys offered by Johnnie Walker.

I hope you enjoy drinking Jonnie walker and appreciate the taste. Please feel free to share your experiences in drinking whisky.


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