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Outside Bar Hire for events

Bar Hire and Mobile Bar Hire is available in a range of various option for indoor and outdoor events. These event scan be corporate events, private events and large family fun days / festivals etc. Here at cheap bar hire, we are able to offer you advice and tips on outside bar hire for large or small events nationwide. Below we have some questions and answers which may help you in your search for the ideal outside bar hire package.

What size bar do I need ?

The size of the bar counter is to be determined by the event size. The nature of the event also is a major factor in the size of the bar. For example an evening music event may be busier that a family fun day during the daytime. Its always best to judge the size of the bar upon the number of people expected to be there on the day. The last thing you want to do is keep customers waiting for their drinks.

Will the drinks be cold?

Often people think that if a bar is set up in the middle f a field/marquee the drinks shall only be chilled with ice. Although in some instance this may be the case, e would suggest that you only use reputable companies for your Outside Bar Hire needs. These companies are reputable and have the appropriate refrigeration to chill drinks including draught beer systems for the perfect pint.

Who applies for the license for the Outside Bar Hire ?

If you opt for a recognized company to provide your event with Outside Bar Hire, they should be the people responsible for obtaining the drinks license for you event.

What glasses should I ask for?

For any outside event we would suggest plastic disposable glassware. This not only means that every customer gets a fresh glass but it also means that there are no safety issues to worry about, plastic glasses are much, much safer than glass glasses for outside bar hire.

If you have any more questions regarding Outside or Outdoor bar hire, please feel free to contact one of our many reputable outside bar providers.


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