Microbrewery News 2010

Microbreweries are small companies which produce a limited amount of beer each year depending upon where they are based. The term micro-brewery was first used in the 1970s so the concept of a small brewery is fairly a new idea yet there are still many across the globe. The US limit for producing beer in a microbrewery is 15,000 barrels a year which means companies should be making a few gallons a week to sell to local or regional markets.

Microbreweries are ever increasing in the UK becoming one of the most sought out career for many. But why wouldn’t it be? All beer lovers dream of being able to make their own for a living and those dreams are now coming true for many. Currently there are around 767 breweries in Britain yet the number of companies is ever increasing from 3-5% a year.

Beer lovers will most likely say that the best beers they have ever tasted come from microbreweries and even the worst beers. This is because the owners like to stick to traditional making of the drink and are not afraid to experiment to see what the outcome will be whether it is horrid or not. Drinks made in microbreweries are easily spotted out of a set of beers because of the fact that they are darker in colour to beer made in international companies and they have a richer taste.

A reason that micro brewing has become so popular is because people have seen it as a successful business to go into and it is the love of many.


According to ‘The Independent’ here are some of the best breweries in Britain:

1)         The Hop Back Brewery

Units 22-24

Batten Road Industrial Estate

Downtown, Salisbury



Tel: 01725 – 510 – 986


2)         Crouch Vale Brewery

23 Haltwhistle Road

South Woodham Ferrers




Tel: 01245 – 322 – 744


3)         Harvistoun Brewery

Alva Industrial Estate



FK12 5DQ

Tel: 01259 – 769 – 100


4)         Otley Brewing Company

Unit 42

Albion Industrial Estate



CF37 4NX

Tel: 01443 – 480 – 555


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