Mobile Bar Hire wins Environmental Award

Mobile Bar Hire Ltd has been awarded a Silver Gilt award from the mayor of Bexley Cllr. Val Clark. The company, based on East Hill Dartford and Thames Road Crayford, recycle approx 30 tonnes of glass bottles per year.  Mobile Bar Hire is Dartford’s award winning hospitality  company which provides drinks and hospitality services to events up and down the country. 

Award winning certificate for Mobile Bar Hire Ltd

Award winning certificate for Kent & London based Mobile Bar Hire Ltd

As company director, Mr Sandhu explained to the judging panel early last year, “The easiest thing for our teams to do is put the rubbish in the nearest bin by the bar/event, but being aware of the amount of glass bottles which we go through, we felt it necessary to recycle our glass by bringing it back to our depot. From here the local authority waste management contractors collect our glass bins every two weeks. When I learnt that the total amount of glass came to approx. 30 tonnes I realised that something needed to be done”.  Mobile Bar Hire was one of many different groups who had entered the Bexley Environment Awards 2010, the awards ceremony was due to take place in December last year but due to the bad weather it was moved to Friday 11th February 2011. The company won the Silver Gilt award in the Bexley Business Environmental Challenge 2010. In addition to the current glass recycling, The company directors are also looking into other various aspect of reducing their carbon footprint including the possibility of using Bio-degradable plastic glassware.

What else do you think can be done by business within the hospitality sector to reduce the national carbon foot print?


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