News on Guinness’s new product launch

Cheap Bar Hire Guinness SurgerGuinness Surger

We at Cheap Bar Hire are pleased to announce our latest product from Diageo. For drinker’s of the world famous Guinness, we now stock and serve the Guinness Surger. This is the draught Guinness system served perfectly from the can but through the latest ‘Surger’ equipment provided by Guinness themselves. This latest technology means that there is no wastage and each print is served correctly, as a result this mans no waste for the business and 100% perfection and freshness for every pint of Guinness served to the customer. Over the years smaller outlets and certain types of Bars and Clubs, have held back from offering Guinness to their customers, this has been due to the amount of wastage that each bar may have.

As a provider of Mobile Bar’s to  Hire we have supplied Guinness for many years, this has been on draught and in cans, but to be quite frank, we feel that this latest Guinness Surger shall be carried by most of our vans to approx 80% of events where we are providing a full Mobile Bar Hire Service. This is a great product supplied by Diageo and we are pleased to be able to offer this latest news to the drinks and hospitality industry.



One Response to “News on Guinness’s new product launch”
  1. G Mackay says:

    Where can i get replacement guiness surger cans

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