Pimms Keg

Pimms is now available on draught, yes thats right the worlds larget drinks company, Diageo, have now come up with the ideal Pimms solution. Here in the UK their are some companies who offer Pimms on draught and Mobile Bar Hire is one of them.

Pimms on Draught

Pimms on Draught

At venues up and down the country pubs, clubs, hotels and catering firms all serve Pimms to millions of people and you can bet your bottom dollare that each glass of Pimms tastes a little different. Each person has their own preference to fruits and although Diageo offer the ideal serving measure for the bar staff, you can be sure that the taste and exact meaure of the summer drink will varie a little. With the Pimms Keg, its already mixed so all you need to do is pour the drink straight into the glass or jug. A keg of Pimms is the same size as a keg of lager and so holds approx 88 pints, this means that you’ll get approx 200 serving out of each keg of Pimms. As a result of being on draught, you can be assured that each serving of Pimms shall be ice cold and very, very refreshing. Although Pimms is available at most outlets all your round, its obviously more popular in the summer months and so Wedding Bar Hire and Pimms reception drinks for weddings are always popular. If you’d like more information on Pimms in a Keg, simply contact a member of our team who can point you to a reputable provider of Pimms on Draught for the ideal refreshing drink.


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