Price Increase on Cider in Budget 2010


Alister Darling has put 10% tax on cider above inflation.

One may wonder why this big increase in tax. Is it just to generate more money for the government or is there another reason.?

Binge Drinking.

Over the weekend up and down the country you will find people drunk and out of their heads. No one seems to have any control on this problem
Pubs bars and clubs are offering deals on drinks (buy one and get one free) and this just makes it cheaper and easier for people to get drunk quickly.

The town centres seem be taken over by drunks at the weekends and the police have an ongoing problem with dealing drunken and abusive behaviour. Is it fair that the police should be handling and getting attacked when they could be dealing with real problems that are not self inflicted.

Cider is becoming a popular drink and not just something to be drunk with other kids in the park after school. It’s very English and one of the oldest English alcoholic drinks and steeped in heritage and rural traditions. Innovative and modern marketing along with advertising and packaging cider matches today’s consumer. It can compete alongside other beers. It tastes great poured over a glass full of ice. Enjoy it in the pub or at home. It is a really versatile drink and can be used in many dishes.
Few helpful tips when tasting cider.
Put it to your nose it should smell fruity and clean. Then to taste suck the cider through your teeth and feel the flavour on your gums and cheeks. Aspect a clean appley  taste nothing unpleasant. It should look light golden and stray colour.


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