Summer Ball Bar Hire

Summer Balls and School Proms are popular events throughout the UK. These Graduation Balls are on the increase each year. Some schools, colleges and universities plan these huge events almost a year in advance, its normally the student union and some staff who arrange these popular events. Marquees and function halls and sometimes castles and historic venues are the setting for these summer ball events.

Mobile Bar Hire - Cocktail Flairer

Mobile Bar Hire - Cocktail Flairer

Prom bar hire is a vital part of any summer graduation ball. Its the bar which is often a focal point for these events and its always vital to have the correct range of drinks and cocktails available for each event. Prom bars are always required to sell and serve champagne in addition to a range og popular branded beers, wines and spirits. Summer Ball bar hire is available form a range of different companies throughout the UK, a popular company who are specialists within their field are Mobile Bar Hire.

This image on the right shows one of  Mobile Bar Hire’s cocktail flairers, this specialist member of the team is a great entertainer when it comes to running the he is great. In addition to cocktail staff, they also have regular bar staff who would be ideal for any event including a graduation ball event.

How do you plan on celebrating your school or university summer ball ?


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