Two alcohol free days a week

On January 9th 2012, a group of MP’s announced that it would be best for Britain if we had two days a week alcohol free. A report by the Commons Science and Technology committee has announced there are concerns about the regulations for people on how much people should drink. Over time alcohol has become a lot cheaper persuading people to buy and consume alcohol now more than ever.

Officials say guidelines are very important to the public as many people aren’t even aware of units and how much they should drink on a weekly basis.

The current limit for alcohol consumption is 21 units a week for men and 14 units a week for women. These limits were decided over 25 years ago and the government wants to tackle binge drinking which is fast becoming a trend for people in the UK, especially young people exceeding these guidelines every week. There are plans to increase label sizes on alcohol bottles, and maybe add more information to them so people are more aware of what they are drinking.

Most people are aware that drinking is potentially bad for you, but reports have suggested that alcohol consumption can decrease people’s risk of heart disease. A new report by experts has concluded lack of evidence for this view and found it could only be true to men over the age of 40 and post-menopausal women.

Do you agree with the government advice on this matter and do you think two days a week alcohol free would work?


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