What are cocktail flairers ?

Cocktail Bar Hire LondonOne word answer ………….Entertainers ! This is a term given to a skilled person who can entertain whilst making and pouring your drink (s). A cocktail flairer would throw bottle’s into the air and catch them in certain ways to make your drink look as much fun as possible. These bottles would all have drink in them and so as he catches them he or she would continue making your drink, sometimes this can often mean more that one bottle in the air at any one tme.

Once all the ingredients for the drink are in the glass or cocktail shaker, he’d shake add the garnishing’s to complete the drink. On some occasions cocktail flairers have been known to set the drinks alight with a flame etc, this is done to simply make the drink look a whole lot more interesting, fun and special.

Most cocktail flairers have their own personal way of finishing off and presenting their drinks. These often include some of the above but they have been known to present their drinks I some extremely unique ways.

These methods of drinks by cocktail flairers can easily be applied to both alcoholic and non alcoholic cocktails, it’s the same presentation and preparation methods but just different drinks.

Cocktails flairers can be used for almost any type of event including , corporate events, wedding receptions, product launches, birthday parties etc.

We have a good selection of cocktail flairers who are each skilled in their own way and always give 100% to each event which they attend.

For information and pricing of our Cocktail Bar Hire Flairers, simply contact our team at Mobile Bar Hire, they’ll be more than happy to help you with your request and also with your style of bar counter etc.


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