Will the budget help the Bar Hire industry ?

How is extra tax on alcohol helping the drinks industry?


I just don’t understand how raising tax by 10% on cider and 2%

On spirits is helpful to the pub/drinks industry. The way I understood it was that the government will try helping the pubs from closer. There are 100’s of pub closing a week and this tax rise is not going to help.The only thing the tax rise is going to do is help the government get more money to get them out of the mess they have made by borrowing.

Alistair Darling leaving for the House of Commons yesterday.

Alistair Darling leaving for the House of Commons yesterday.

 Alistair Darling did not listen to the drinks industry asking for alcohol tax freeze. I don’t think he thought of those people who are already struggling to keep their doors open and not loosing any more jobs. Pub closer will not help the treasury the more pubs that close the more money the treasury loose in tax revenue.I’m in the drinks industry myself and I can tell you that this is going to make a big difference to us. As we pay more to buy drinks we will have to charge more on our drinks. Will the customers still want to book us if our prices are too expensive?

I don’t thinks so. We are in the wedding and party industry and clients have already spent loads of money on everything. We are their last
thought. Customer don’t want to know the reason behind the drinks price being too expensive all they know is that  when they go to their local village hall or club there are always drink offers or the drinks are cheap. I got in touch with another similar company as us Amar Hall who are based in Dartford and hire their hall out for weddings 18th 21st and all sorts of other events. They have told me the same thing one of the directors of Amar Hall said “its hard enough trying to keep our heads above water with all the rents and rates that we pay on top of all this paying more tax on alcohol is not going to help us” he also added “the fuel prices rising is just as bad”.
We thought we may get through the recession without making too many changes to our booking and drinks price. I am sure that there are many more people besides us that are facing the same problems every day.
Does the future look bright? No it doesn’t if the alcohol and fuel price keep rising.

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